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Word on the Street

My partner and I did Calmbirth with Jessica and it was amazing what we have learnt. Calmbirth makes you look at birth in completely different way. Both theoretical and practical parts were great. We are practicing what we have learned and are feeling positive and prepared for the birth of our baby in next couple of weeks. 
Jessica was knowledgeable, willing to answer all our questions and has an absolutely amazing voice for a meditation. So highly recommended!! :-)

Marie & John

Going into this labour I was so worried, after my one with Flynn! Jess changed everything for me! I had the most amazing experience this time, as did Jae! Jess is amazing at what she does. Calmbirth was such a gamechanger for us! Reach out to Jess, you won't regret it!

Olivia & Jae

What an amazing experience. As a first time mum, going into labour I feel prepared, ready and excited for my upcoming experience. Jess has provided myself and my husband with practical knowledge and a tool box of practical items that will make my future labour something to look forward to rather than feel anxious about. Thankyou for this experience

Rhiannon & Mitch

We had our baby girl on the 9th of December 2017. Labour was natural, drug free, quick and sort of painless. I used all the tools from the Calmbirth Course and it was amazing how different my labour was from my previous one. The acupressure was the best tool and so helpful!

Marie & John

Pat and I could not thank Jess and Calm birth enough for the knowledge we got pending the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Rosie. Nothing in this world can fully prepare you for the birthing experience but going in with the knowledge and positive headspace was so extremely helpful. Our early labour experience at home was everything I imagined it would be and the crisis of confidence is absolutely real but with some amazing support from Pat and our beautiful Midwife I was able to get through and birth our Beautiful girl. So Thankyou Jess and Calm birth for what you taught us and having such a massive impact on our First birthing experience xx

Aimee & Pat

Jess is amazing! She has taught us so much in the lead up to our first born. She is knowledgeable, well prepared, calm and has the most amazing meditation voice. We are practicing everything we learnt and feel so much calmer than before we started our sessions. We can't wait to welcome our little one into this world. It's an amazing program and I highly recommend it!

Kate & Danny